Warm Up leads with Email Automation

When you revamp your B2B marketing strategy, you shouldn’t forget about email marketing.

Did you know that 60% of consumers subscribe to email lists to keep tabs on promotions and other deals? This makes email marketing an effective tool.

However, you’ll want to focus on email automation.

Email automation offers several benefits. You can easily trigger emails and personalize your messages.

There are several different types of emails you can automate, such as welcome emails when a new lead signs up for your mailing list, product and service recommendations, and more.

So, how can email automation help you warm B2B leads? 

What Is Email Automation?

Before we discuss how email automation can warm B2B leads, let’s look into email automation a little bit more to understand how it works.

Email automation aims to deliver the right message to the right people, without you putting the extra work in.

This works when you set specific messages for different groups of people, depending on where they are in the sales funnel. There are also email automation tools that send targeted emails based on a certain lead’s activity.

Another reason why marketers love email automation is they can easily personalize their emails. Emails with personalized taglines are 50% more likely to be opened.

You can target your subscribers based on the information they provided as well as their previous sales and preferences.

Different Types of Email Automation

The type of email automation you use is integral to the success of your campaign, especially in a B2B environment. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of automated emails.

Welcome Email

If a lead subscribes to your email list, you should always send a welcome email. That’s because many leads aren’t ready to purchase a product or sign up for your services.

A welcome email acknowledges the customer and more customers are expecting an email after they sign up for a mailing list. This simple email can help draw in the lead, pulling them through the sales funnel.


Promotional emails are an easy way to keep your brand at the forefront. But if you simply trigger out promotional emails without basing them off analytics or personalizing them, then your efforts could fail.

Once you have a subscriber, you can start sending them targeted emails. This means sending them promotions that tailor to their behavior.

For example, let’s say the lead signed up for your email list when they were on a particular service page. If you run a promotion on that service, you can send a targeted email to that customer, enticing them to pay for the service.

If you send promotional emails the right way, you can likely experience a serious increase in sales.

Cart Abandonment

If you own a B2B e-commerce company, this type of automated email will be very effective for you.

Let’s say a buyer was shopping on your website and put some items in their shopping cart. If they click away from the page and never made a purchase, you can send them a reminder email, which is called “cart abandonment.”

There are many reasons why buyers abandon their shopping carts. Maybe the checkout process is too complex, the shipping was more expensive than expected, or maybe the buyer is simply not ready to make a purchase.

After the moment when the buyer clicks off your page, they could have forgotten about their shopping cart. The cart abandonment email is a simple reminder but is also an effective tool to help you recover that sale.

What should your cart abandonment email say? Be sure to write great copy.

Include the products that are in their cart. Always finish with a CTA that leads them back to their shopping cart.

When should you send a cart abandonment email? You don’t want to send it too soon, but you also don’t want to wait too long. Research shows waiting an hour after they abandon their cart will result in more conversion rates.

The Benefits of Email Automation

While we covered a few of the essential benefits that email automation can offer, there are even more reasons why email automation can warm up leads. Here’s what you need to know.

Easy to Set Up

Do you think email automation sounds complex? It actually isn’t at all.

There are many solutions out there that offer a simple way to integrate your email marketing list, design great emails based on different categories, and link them to your subscribers.

In addition, many of these tools allow you to create multiple emails throughout various categories. You can pause or disable a campaign whenever you feel it’s necessary.

This way, you send great marketing emails without lifting a finger. You’ll be able to focus on other core areas of your business while still warming your B2B leads.

Improves Customer Retention Rates

Email automation may do more than warm your B2B leads.

This alone may encourage customers to keep supporting your company. That’s because email automation continues to open the lines of communication between you and your customers.

In addition, you’ll begin to know your subscriber’s behavior and interests. This will improve your email personalization efforts, capturing your existing customers’ attention.

More Email Automation Best Practices

Before you start an email automation strategy you should know some best practices when creating great marketing emails. These include:

  • Offer discounts based on personalization
  • Track responses and clicks
  • Create automated drip campaigns

This way, you send them enticing content and you’ll be able to report on your success.

Get Started With Email Automation

While email automation is effective, you’ll need a great solution to get started. This is where we come in.

We offer an email automation service to make your campaigns more efficient and effective. You’ll be able to connect with customers while saving time. This way, you’ll see some serious results while putting in little effort.

The Vertical Response Pro plan includes our email automation service and more. Sign up today to start your free trial.

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