Paste your link, hit return, and a preview magically appears in your email

Something huge has happened with links in the AWeber message editor. They can now expand into “preview cards” automatically.

When you’re creating emails, do you ever take a link that looks like this…

and make it more enticing by adding an image, title, and description similar to this?

A preview card of a link including the title, image, and short description.

If you do, get ready to start saving insane amounts of time creating your emails. AWeber’s message editor can now automatically expand your links into previews for you, including the title, description, and image!

Sound great, right?

The instructions are simple.

1. Paste your link URL into your email.

A GIF of pasting a link into the AWeber message editor.

2. Hit return or enter to move to a new line.

3. Sit back and watch your link magically expand into a beautiful, easy-to-use preview.

A GIF of hitting return after a link and it turns into a link preview.

Want to turn your preview back into the link URL? Simply click Undo at the top of the editor.

A GIF of clicking "Undo" to revert the link preview back to a link.

This feature is currently optional. Click the buttons right below to turn it on or off in your account.

Try out link previews in your account and let us know what you think in the comments. Plus, watch for further iterations on this feature that will provide you with more options.

Want to see it in action? Watch how Chris creates an email almost instantly with several link previews.

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