Newsletter directories – Your key to increasing newsletter signups

Growing your newsletter audience can be a bit like trying to find your way in a maze. It’s not always easy to get your awesome content in front of the right people. You pour your heart and soul into crafting the perfect newsletter, but sometimes it feels like it’s disappearing into a black hole. Ever experienced that frustration? Well you’re not alone!

Getting people to discover your newsletter can be a real challenge. Imagine having a great story to tell, but no one is around to listen. That’s a tough spot for creators, right? 

But there’s a way to guide more readers to your newsletter, and it starts with sharing your creation in newsletter directories. These directories help readers who are looking for content you have to offer, find it in a convenient place. 

To help you grow your subscribers we’ve put together a list of newsletter directories you can add your newsletter to – for free.

But first, let’s start off with exactly what newsletter directories are and why should you use them…

What are newsletter directories?

Newsletter directories are organized platforms or collections where readers can easily find newsletters based on their interests. These directories categorize and list newsletters, making it simpler for people to discover and explore content they like.

Benefits of a newsletter directory

Submitting your newsletter to a newsletter directory offers several advantages:

1 – Increased visibility: Your newsletter becomes more discoverable to a wider audience as directories attract readers looking for content in specific niches.

2 – Targeted audience reach: Directories categorize newsletters by topics, helping you reach a more relevant and interested audience.

3 – Enhanced credibility: Being listed in reputable directories adds credibility to your newsletter, as readers trust curated platforms.

4 – Improved SEO: Backlinks from directory listings can enhance your newsletter’s search engine ranking, driving more organic traffic to your content.

5 – Cross-promotion oOpportunities: Directories often promote listed newsletters through social media and other channels, exposing your content to a broader audience.

6 – Networking and collaboration: Being part of a directory can connect you with other newsletter creators, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.

List of newsletter directories

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! We’ve done the research and gathered a bunch of fantastic newsletter directories. 

These are the go-to spots to increase your newsletter signups and connect with your ideal readers. Without any delay, let’s introduce you to these game-changers for your newsletter. They’re your ticket to growing your audience and attracting more enthusiastic readers.


Where to submit your newsletter:

Duuce newsletter directory

Find Your Newsletter

Where to submit your newsletter: 

Find Your Newsletter


Where to submit your newsletter: newsletter directory


Where to submit your newsletter:

LetterHunt newsletter directory


Where to submit your newsletter: 

LetterList email directory

Where to submit your newsletter: directory

Newsletters Directory

Where to submit your newsletter: landing page

Newsletter Junkie

Where to submit your newsletter:

Newsletter Junkie email directory


Where to submit your newsletter: 

Newsletterest directory for newsletters

Rad Letters

Where to submit your newsletter: 

Rad Letters newsletter directory

The Sample

Where to submit your newsletter:

The Sample

Slick Inbox

Where to submit your newsletter: 



Where to submit your newsletter: 



Where to submit your newsletter: 

Stoop newsletter directories


Where to submit your newsletter: 

Substats newsletter directories home page

Thanks for Subscribing

Where to submit your newsletter: 

Thanks for Subscribing newsletter directory

Get it to your audience

When it comes to growing your newsletter subscribers you don’t want to rely on a single strategy. Your ideal audience can be found anywhere. Here are a few other ways you can gain new subscribers:

Now it’s time to grow your audience and make sure your fantastic newsletter content gets the attention it truly deserves. 

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