Marketing Week 2021: Get Expert Sales & Marketing Tips

Get easy and affordable marketing advice during this week-long event, hosted by AWeber from Dec 13 – 17.

We’re excited to announce that, in December we’ll be running a week-long free marketing series for business owners, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs.

This event is for anyone looking to improve their social media skills, get better email deliverability, create engaging videos, set up Facebook Lead ads and retargeting, and make more sales.

Marketing Week encompasses 5 days of webinars and other resources to help you build out a marketing plan for your products or services.

We don’t believe that “if you build it, they will come.” Marketing is important for every business — so we’re offering the advice you need, free and easy to access.

Why should you sign up for Marketing Week?

Have you ever thought about selling something new, created it, set up a sales page, and published it — and then waited, but you didn’t sell anything? Unfortunately, the old adage “if you build it, they will come” is simply not true.

Marketing is how you get your products seen. But you don’t have to spend millions on a superbowl advertisement to get awareness for your product. There are many easy and affordable (even free) marketing tactics.

What you do need is some advice!

That’s why we created Marketing Week: To help you start selling and growing your income. From starting an email list all the way through retargeting current customers — you’ll get the tips and tools you need to make your first of many sales.

Get started with the basics

Let’s face it: Most of us didn’t learn anything about marketing in school (we were too busy learning chemistry we’d never use).

Whether you’re a creator, a consultant, or you sell products / services, you’re likely an expert in your own field — but not necessarily selling your craft.

Good news! The presentations and other resources offered during Marketing Week don’t assume you know anything already. Simply come with an open mind and get some easy and actionable tips for making more sales.

Set yourself apart from the competition

No matter what you’re selling, you must convince your customers to spend their money with you instead of someone else.

Get the information you need to show off your business, and capture the competitive edge.

Grow your business in 2022

December is a crazy good time for sales. But it’s also a time when you need to start planning for the next year. Get the resources you need to sell more, starting at the beginning of next year.

Learn easy and affordable marketing from experts

Through live webinars, pre-recorded videos, and blog posts, we’ll be covering Marketing 101 for business owners. You don’t need any experience!

If you do know some marketing, you’re welcome to come learn something new, too.

Beginner marketing:

Social media: How to do social media marketing that doesn’t consume all your time.

Facebook Lead Ads: Steps to set up your first advertisement on Facebook.

Videos: Creating a beautiful and interesting onboarding video to include in customer emails.

Free tools: 30 of our favorite free marketing tools in 30 minutes (don’t worry, we’ll record the session for later viewing).

Lead conversion: How to capture every lead from your marketing funnel to make the most sales from the time and money you spend on marketing.

Customer feedback: Learn the best way to do effective marketing — by literally asking your customers what they want to hear.

Remarketing: Getting your current customers to buy again and spend more.

You know AWeber would never put on an event without some email marketing tips and tricks. We’ve got advice for anyone who wants to write emails that result in a bigger audience and, ultimately, more sales.

Email marketing for all levels:

Improve open rates: There’s no quick trick. But we’ll cover ways to make sure your open rates are high and your audience loves your content.

Copywriting: It’s all about knowing your audience. Learn how to write emails and sign-up forms that resonate with your audience.

Abandoned cart emails: We’re sure you get those emails saying “We noticed you left something in your cart…” Want to start sending them? Learn how in this session.

AMP for Email: Want to learn about the new wave of interactive email marketing? Our in-house experts will break it down in a way you can understand.

Meet the presenters

These experts in their industries are excited to teach you what they know and get you started on your marketing journey!

Sign up for Marketing Week today

Want to sign up for Marketing Week? There’s no cost and no commitment. We’ll simply invite you to all the presentations and let you know when the videos and blog posts are released. Note: You’ll also be signed up for The AWeber Newsletter, sent weekly with marketing tips and resources.

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