How to Get More Sales on Etsy During the Holiday Season

Don’t rely solely on Etsy to get more sales. Discover how you can increase your sales inside and outside of Etsy’s platform.

Holiday shoppers who are trying to find that perfect gift for their loved ones — something unique and thoughtful — turn to Etsy. Make sure you sell the most you can on your Etsy store this season!

Customers are spending more on Etsy

Shoppers spent $3.3 billion on Etsy from October to December 2020, a number that is likely to be even bigger in 2021. People are showing that they want unique gifts that they can buy online from small businesses like yours.

So what are you waiting for? Get a piece of that action. We’ve got tips on how to increase your Etsy store sales this season. 

There are three ways to make more from your Etsy store:

  • Boost sales with email marketing
  • Sell more on average to each customer
  • Find new leads to convert to buyers
Get more sales with your Etsy customers

You actually need to come up with a strategy on how to sell more on Etsy. But good news: Now is the perfect time to start. Holiday shopping is already ramping up and a few additional marketing tactics can make the difference.

Boost sales with email marketing

Do you get a lot of repeat customer business? If so, that’s great. If you don’t, you may want to think about why you don’t?

Repeat customers are more likely to trust your product quality and style — it’s time to get those customers to buy again. But how can you target customers who have already purchased from your Etsy store? Etsy doesn’t make it easy to reach out to people who previously bought from you.

The answer is easy – it’s email marketing.

Benefits of an Etsy email marketing strategy

  • You have control over when and how you communicate with your customers
  • Email can be used to create a long-term relationship, that can develop into a life-long, loyal customer
  • With so many great choices on Etsy, you can keep your audience focused on your products
Benefits of an Etsy email marketing strategy

Steps to start your email list

Setting up an email marketing strategy is super easy — and with it, you can retarget the people who already took the step to spend on your store.

Step 1: Don’t skip the opt-in!

Etsy rules state that you must allow customers to opt into your email list. Sending emails to get your customers excited and engaged about your new products is great, but it’s very important to get permission first!

To do this, set up direct Etsy integration with an email service provider, like AWeber. This way, an opt-in email is automatically triggered after a purchase, building your contacts list. This keeps sellers in compliance with Etsy’s privacy rules that don’t allow you to contact customers unless they opt-in first.

confirmed opt-in email

Got questions about following Etsy’s rules? You can always contact AWeber’s support team 24/7 and we’ll help you out.

Step 2: Create your welcome message

Automate a welcome email as soon as your customers sign up and point them to the first value offer (like a landing page with a DIY project). 

Then, have an “about the creator” email scheduled to automatically go out a day or two after that. This kind of immediate (but not obnoxious) contact will help build a connection with your new leads.

That’s it. Just two simple steps to start collecting customer email addresses who purchase from you. 

Now it’s time to start cultivating that relationship and to increase your sales.

Check out this awesome welcome email from They spell what they can expect from their emails, plus they incentive them to make a quick future purchase by providing a 10% off code.

Welcome email from
Email example from ReallyGoodEmails

Intriguing and valuable emails will help you connect with customers 

Once previous customers opt in, keep them engaged with you and your brand. If you only send out emails telling them to purchase, you will increase the odds that they unsubscribe. Most people don’t want their inboxes filled to the brim with sales emails (although there’s definitely a time and place for them). 

Use email to help build an even deeper connection with your target audience of past customers. 

Here are some ideas for fun and intriguing emails you can be send to your customers:


A newsletter is a great way to keep your customers excited about you and the awesome crafts you have to sell. A newsletter can be fun, engaging, and educational. It’s an opportunity to show your personality and showcase your awesome products. 

Try including some of these ideas in your newsletter:

About the creator (you)

Talk about yourself. What are your interests and hobbies?

Brand story/message (the “why” behind your brand)

Why did you start your Etsy store? Not only are people buying your products, they’re buying your brand. You are that brand — talk about how you got to where you are.

How-to/DIY tutorial

Show your audience how to make one of your cool crafts. This will help keep them engaged and invested.

Latest creation highlights

Are you working on an awesome new product? Talk about it in your newsletter. Get people excited about it. You can show a short video, GIF, or images of your process.

Thank you (after a purchase)

This is just basic email marketing. Show you appreciate their business. 

Plus, you could use this as an opportunity to offer them a discount on a future purchase. A great way to encourage future sales.

VIP coupon codes only available through email

Increase your sales on Etsy by sending an email with a special coupon code. Who doesn’t love getting special little perks. 

  • Bonus Tip: Make it sound exclusive – “because you are apart of our VIP club, you’re receiving this 10% coupon code to use on any future purchase” 

Sale emails that announce special discounts

Enough said – time to sell your products.

  • Bonus Tip: want to keep more of your sales? Send your customers to an ecommerce landing page with your products. That way you don’t have to pay Etsy’s 5% transaction fee.

Setting up your own ecommerce landing page is just as easy as setting up your email. 

Create an ecommerce landing page – and make more money

Landing pages are proven to sell more than sending customers directly to your home page or Etsy site. It gives you a chance to build on your message.

For example, if you send out an email for a holiday release, your landing page can be holiday themed and filled with holiday products. If you write an email on “Gifts for Mom,” then the landing page could include your top selling items that people might purchase for her. Or, if you have a sale for certain products, the landing page could only contain sale products.

Plus, as we mentioned above, when you sell products directly on your landing page, you keep a larger percentage of each sale. And, you’ll have less competition, since other creators won’t be featured as options next to your products.

Steps to create an ecommerce landing page

Watch how Alycia easily sets up an ecommerce landing page in AWeber 

Increase the amount each customer spends

If you are wondering how to get more sales on Etsy, start by increasing your average dollar amount a customer spends per purchase. You can actively encourage a larger deal with the prospects primed to buy. You’ve already won over these leads, so don’t miss this opportunity to persuade them to add a few more things to the cart!

Start with a rough idea of how much the average customer spends — your baseline. Then, set a goal to increase that average purchase deal size, say by $30. 

Try these tactics :

Package deals 

Boost sales by combining complementary items into larger packages. You can offer a small discount that is offset by more efficient packing and shipping. People like to purchase when they know they are getting a better price—even if that means paying more money total.


 If someone already purchased an item from you or has something in their cart, suggest products that work well with that item. You can provide product suggestions based on hot items, sales, low inventory, or prior activity.

Upsell offers 

When someone is looking at a specific item, always show the upgraded version as an option. This can include package deals or a larger product. Keep the more expensive option at the forefront of their mind, helping them reconsider a higher purchase.

Offer free shipping at a spent threshold

If your average deal size is $20, then you may offer a free shipping incentive after $35. If you know they typically spend around $60, then the deal threshold may be $70. This number should require them adding another larger product and not be something they can just use your smallest purchase to achieve.

Offering upsell, cross-sell and product suggestions are all much easier when you establish your own ecommerce landing page and email list. You won’t have as much control over these features on an Etsy site. 

Get new leads on Etsy

A healthy business needs a constant flow of fresh leads. New leads are how you continue to grow your audience, customers, and revenue.

Through email, you can cultivate new leads by building relationships and trust. Make it appealing to sign up for your emails by promising to send DIYs, tutorials, guides or other relevant content that your typical customer would find interesting.

Here two quick and easy ways to start increasing your new customers:

According to Etsy policy, you cannot have an external link directing buyers to purchase a product outside of Etsy. But you can have a link to an email sign up landing page.

Give your store visitors an option to sign up for your email list. An Etsy store link to your landing page should have a button for your email subscription sign-up. 

Be careful how you communicate the option to sign up for your email list on Etsy. I would keep it simple by saying – “Sign up for our email list to get future discounts and the latest product updates”.

Here’s a landing page template you could use to capture sign ups. Just drag in a new logo, image, change the text, and you’re ready to go.

Etsy email sign up landing page

Connect your social media posts to your Etsy store

The Etsy Community recommends you take advantage of social media while on your shop manager page. Encouraging your followers to subscribe to your newsletter, while setting expectations in terms of what they’ll receive from you, will give you a competitive advantage. 

Here are some quick tips on getting email sign-ups through social media: 

  1. Add a call-to-action to subscribe to your newsletter on your Facebook Page’s button.
  2. Post across several social media platforms in order to reach a wider audience. 
  3. Offer free shipping or a discount to people who sign up for your list.
  4. Tease future products on social media by asking people to subscribe to be the first to get the news. 
  5. Promote your opt-in resources (e.g. DYI content, free printables, sneak peeks) with social media ads. 

One of the most common objections people have is the amount of time it takes to share content on social media. If you are also low on time (aren’t we all?), try using a social media management tool. It’ll allow you to plan posts in advance, recycle your popular content, and analyze your social media’s performance. 

❝ It may be impressive to have lots of followers across your social media profiles, however, do they buy from you? If you’re not able to reach them directly (thanks to emailing) and convert them, then those are just vanity numbers.

Ovi Negrean, CEO & Co-Founder of SocialBee, social media management tool. 

Create a landing page to capture email addresses

Just like your ecommerce landing page, you should create a landing page to capture email addresses.

Use your emails to send your contacts to a dedicated landing page. 

Watch how Jay creates a landing page in 8 simple steps:

Landing pages and automated emails are going to support a stronger Etsy sales strategy.

Get started for free with AWeber’s Landing Page Builder and email templates. This platform allows easy integration with Etsy and Canva to help you create the landing pages and emails perfect for your brand. These beautiful tools make it easier to reach your customers and convince them to purchase more for increased sales.

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