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You can now use your landing pages to sell faster and easier, make recurring sales more desirable and convenient, and even set up a homepage for your website or store. Check out the new available functions today.

Read to the end for an email template that has gotten a spooky makeover.

When you sell products in emails, social media, or other places online, often you want to link directly to a purchase pop-up instead of a product landing page. 

Think about it: Your email likely already serves as a sales page — with a product image, description, and price. Sending your potential customers to a landing page where they have to click “Buy now” again means potentially losing out on sales.

Now, if you sell using AWeber ecommerce + Stripe, you can link directly to your sales page’s order form pop-up. When the customer clicks, they’re immediately directed to enter their credit card information. No distractions.

Here’s how it works for your customers:

GIF showing a direct to payment pop up directly from an email

Ready to use the link? Once you have a product set up in your AWeber account, click “Order Form” and then click to copy the Order Form Link. Simply paste it in your email or anywhere else you’re promoting your sale.

Tip: Get new products set up in minutes and start selling from anywhere using this direct-to-payment link. After the purchase, you can redirect customers to another site or simply a thank you page.

Charge quarterly recurring payments

You may already offer subscriptions and payment plans on your landing pages — to make purchases easier and bring in regular income. Now, in addition to charging weekly, monthly, or yearly, you can also set recurring payments on a quarterly basis.

Coaches and instructors may have new, in-depth content every three months, rather than monthly. Now, they can charge clients on a quarterly basis — matching the content release. Coaches can also offer quarterly payments for a course, with a discount off their monthly rate.

Service providers may find themselves in a similar situation. If your projects take several months to complete, quarterly retainers may suit your business model better than monthly ones.

Even podcasters and paid newsletters can use quarterly payments — by offering a three-month recurring ad spot, charged 4 times a year. 

Do quarterly payments make sense with your business model? Offer one to your clients now with Aweber ecommerce.

Make your landing page a homepage

Don’t have a website? No problem! You can now easily set a landing page to be your homepage — aka the main page of your new website.

Here’s how: Set up a landing page you want to use as a homepage. In the page settings — under the domain settings — toggle “Set as homepage” to on.

Setting up a landing page as a website home page

Your homepage will be accessible at [YOUR ACCOUNT] or [YOUR ACCOUNT] For example,

Or, you can buy or connect a domain easily, directly in your AWeber account. Then you can set up your landing page to show at your domain. 

For example, if you bought or connected the domain, your landing page — actually, your new website — will be accessible at

Ready to get your homepage live? Here’s a plug-and-play template that can become yours with a couple of headlines, images, and buttons:

plug-and-play template with a couple of headlines, images, and buttons

Click here to download this page into your account and start using it.

New “Spooky” email template for Halloween

Our “Spooky” email template just got a refresh — it’s spookier than ever! Focused around Halloween sales, these templates are dark, engaging, and easy to use. Simply add your own promotion(s) and send an email out.

Spooky template comes in these two formats:

Spooky halloween landing page template in AWeber
Fun Halloween landing page template in AWeber

We’re fast approaching the best time of the year for sales. Get your plan in place to run exciting promotional emails for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and/or Christmas. 

You can find these templates in the drag-and-drop builder under “Spooky.” Need help? Please reach out to our support team 24/7.

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