Design and send emails from anywhere

The full power of AWeber’s email design tool is now available and optimized for editing your messages on the go, using your mobile web browser.

Whether you’re starting with a new message or making last minute edits to a scheduled broadcast, the AWeber message editor travels with you from desktop to device – no app installation required.

The power of the message editor

With AWeber’s message editor you have the power to design professional grade marketing messages and newsletters with no design or coding experience. Start with a blank page or get a head start by choosing from our template library, and use our many design elements to customize your message from there.

AWeber's new mobile editor

Benefits of mobile editing

These days, our work needs to travel with us from the office, to home, and in between. We rely on our digital tools to meet us where we are. Here are a few ways AWeber’s mobile message editor supports you throughout your day.

  • When inspiration strikes, start writing. Whether you’re on a train or in a cafe, as soon as a new idea comes to mind, open AWeber and jot it down.
  • Sometimes when you walk away from your newsletter or marketing message, you start going through your pre-flight checklist. Did I make any spelling or grammar mistakes? Did I update that image and edit that paragraph? Are all of my links set correctly? Make your final cross-checks on the fly and give yourself confidence that your message is ready to send.
  • Did you finally receive the input from your team you’ve been waiting for? You don’t need to set a reminder, just edit your message from where you are.
  • Maybe you just snapped the perfect photo for your newsletter. After applying a filter and making the perfect crop, go ahead and drop it into your message.
  • After making your final edits and scheduling your broadcast, check back in to see how many subscribers are engaging with your content in the form of opens and clicks. 
GIF showing how to use AWeber's new mobile editor

What’s next…

You likely haven’t tried this in a while, so, I suggest you dive in and try editing your next newsletter using your phone or tablet. You might be amazed at how much you can accomplish while you’re out and about. Give it a try!

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