Best Linktree alternatives for driving traffic, conversions, and sales

You invest a lot of time and effort into building a successful social media community for your brand. Long nights. Tough decisions. Mornings spent racing to your page to discover how your last post performed. You’ve done it all.

Likes and comments don’t generate profits, though. For many brands, the key to generating traffic, conversions, and sales from social media is all about their link in bio.

When you’re ready to turn your social media followers into paying customers, a link in bio landing page can help you get there. Using your link in bio (on any social media platform) to provide a menu of options lets you serve people at every stage of your marketing funnel

Linktree is a popular link in bio service, but you might need more capabilities, customizations, features, or pricing options than what Linktree provides.

Discover the best Linktree alternatives for any social media audience in the guide below.

You’ll find examples, ideas, and unique features designed to help you turn social media followers into website traffic, email subscribers, and paying customers with a simple link in bio landing page.

Top Linktree alternatives

What are link in bio tools?
Best Linktree alternatives

Top Linktree alternatives by feature
Top Linktree alternatives by social media platform
Tactics for driving traffic, conversions, and sales with link in bio

On most social platforms, brands can add a link to their bio (or “profile”) page. But between link limitations and ugly-looking links (with no anchor text), the standard link in bio isn’t always enough to prompt viewers to take action. 

Poor link options often result in lower conversions, sales, and profits for brands that invest their time and money into social media marketing.

A link in bio landing page solves that problem by allowing you to provide a selection of links aimed at meeting your marketing goals.

Instead of publishing a single-destination link, you can use your profile link to send viewers to a landing page with several options.

When set up to align with your marketing goals, link in bio landing pages help convert your profile viewers and social followers into email subscribers, web traffic, or paying clients and customers.

Link in bio builder template in AWeber

For example, you can include a link to your blog, special promotions, product pages, and other social media channels. 

Some Linktree alternatives even let you put an email subscription form directly into your link in bio landing page.

Best Linktree alternatives

We’ve included some of the top Linktree alternatives in the list below. 

Whether you’re looking for advanced customization, unique features and tools, more pricing options, or integrated marketing tools, this list will help you choose the best Linktree alternative for your marketing goals.

#1 – AWeber

Link in bio page from Sol Spirit Farm

AWeber link in bio tool examples

Link in bio page from Aspen Mountain Goods

AWeber’s Link in bio tool provides an all-in-one marketing solution to help you drive traffic, conversions, and sales. 

AWeber’s fully customizable link in bio landing page includes:

  • Built-in Canva Designer
  • YouTube embeds
  • Email newsletter signup form
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Social media icons
  • Smart content capabilities

Tired of working with multiple apps to market your business?

AWeber’s integrated marketing tools let you manage it all from one platform:

  • Build a fully customized link in bio landing page that includes everything you need:  links, email subscribe forms, embeds, e-commerce, and more.
  • Create automated email campaigns that nurture your social media leads. Segment your audience and personalize content based on user behavior. Create email automated campaigns that sell your products for you.

With AWeber, you get all the history, knowledge, and support that comes with a platform that has been in business for 20+ years. Unlike many other Linktree alternatives, AWeber delivers  outstanding customer support, a comprehensive training library, and constantly updated software that works exactly as it should 

Here’s why you’ll love AWeber’s link in bio tool:

  • Add practically anything to your link in bio landing page: unlimited links, email signup form, YouTube embeds, ecommerce, and more.
  • Built-in Canva Designer lets you customize your page for consistent branding across multiple platforms.
  • Its prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop interface make your link in bio landing page super easy to create.
  • Includes custom domain names, landing page insights, and embedded email subscribe forms.

“AWeber is quite intuitive to use, and there is hardly a learning curve. The software is robust without the bloat of bells and whistles. It’s truly not lacking anything.”

Cheniece P, G2 review

#2 –

Linktree alternative created on landing page examples

Linktree alternative created on link in bio tool gives you in-depth analytics, a personalized domain name, and premium integrations such as forms and tracking pixels.

The app provides several key features that brands look for in a link in bio landing page, including:

  • Unlimited links
  • Titles and dividers
  • Social icons
  • Analytics
  • Custom domain names
  • Premium integrations

Campsite is a good option for brands looking for a free Linktree alternative or a paid plan with more customization and analytics tools.

Why we like

  • Generous free plan available.
  • Pro plan allows for advanced customization and branding.
  • Pro plan provides access to in-depth analytics.

“I can easily direct my readers from Instagram to my recent blog posts, have them sign up for my email list, and schedule links when I want them to go live. It’s a game-changer. And I love being able to customize everything to my own branding.”

– Becca, review, Trustpilot

#3 – LNK.Bio

Two link in bio pages built using Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio landing page examples

Linktree alternative Lnk.Bio is the second biggest link-in-bio service worldwide. Its service is similar to Linktree but with more affordable pricing.

Lnk.Bio lets you post unlimited links on your landing page, including sponsored, social media, and website links.

Some of Lnk.Bio’s notable features include:

  • Link scheduling lets you create a variety of campaigns.
  • 2,500+ icons so you can link to social media, music, contacts, and other services.
  • Monetization options that help you generate income include a donation box, a thanks box, and affiliate programs.
  • Some analytics are provided, including clicks, views, and CTR.

Its focus on social media profiles and icons makes it a good option for social-first brands that want to cross-link their other social profiles.

Why we like Lnk.Bio:

  • Super-easy, 1-minute setup.
  • One-time payment option or choice of subscription plans.
  • Personalized URLs available.

“I like how easy and intuitive the platform is. I never have any issues working on this software because everything is straightforward and easy for me to understand.”

G2 reviewer

#4 – Contact In Bio

Contact In Bio page example

Contact In Bio landing page examples

Contact In Bio link page example

Contact in Bio gives users slightly more control over customizing their landing page. Its options include colors, themes, button styles, and background choices. 

The service also provides key features such as built-in contact forms, payment collection tools, and Messenger links for direct social messaging.

Contact In Bio notable features include:

  • Tracking options include Google Analytics tracking and Facebook pixel retargeting.
  • Design options that let you control the look and feel of your landing page.
  • An online store that allows viewers to purchase your products inside the Instagram app.

Contact in Bio may be a good choice if you’re looking for a Linktree alternative that offers more design options and a greater selection of features.

Why we like Contact In Bio:

  • Offers the ability to collect payments via Stripe and Paypal.
  • Provides messenger links that let users connect directly via social messaging.
  • Features in-depth analytics.

“Ideal for my Instagram page! Allows me to connect all my social media and webstore in one place!”

– Lufc Fanzone, Contact In Bio customer

#5 – Bitly

Bitly Link in Bio landing page examples

Bitly Link in Bio landing page examples

Bitly link in bio tool lets you create a simple landing page where you can add multiple links. These could be links to your website, other social media profiles, product pages, or other essential content.

As part of Bitly’s URL shortening service, you’ll also enjoy helpful click tracking analytics. 

Its main features include:

  • Basic personalization options that let you upload your logo or image and choose from preset color palettes.
  • Social link icons that connect users to your other social media channels.
  • Tracking features let you easily track views and clicks.
  • Link scheduling feature allows you to create link campaigns in advance by scheduling link stop and start dates.

If you already shorten links with Bitly, its link in bio tool is a natural extension and may be a good option for you.

Why we like Bitly:

  • Simple solution for businesses wanting an all-in-one URL shortener, QR code app, and link in bio landing page.
  • Advanced plan allows you to manage and analyze all links from a single dashboard.
  • Custom domains available.

“The platform has a very easy and reliable user interface even for first time users. The tool also helps you track engagement rates like clicks which is very helpful.”

Saurav S., Bitly G2 review

#6 – Tap Bio Alyssa Milano example Alyssa Milano example Alyssa Milano example  can host multiple links and pages, called “cards.”

Its layout differs from most link in bio tools because it looks more like an Instagram Story than a landing page. 

Its customizable “cards” allow you to stack several pages of content and links. features include:

  • The ability to embed YouTube videos
  • Click link analytics
  • Multiple swipeable cards with every link in bio may be a good option for creative-minded users. 

However, users might consider directing this type of engagement toward their Instagram or web content, rather than their link in bio.

Why we like

  • Offers a fun and interactive way to present comprehensive information.
  • Provides you with extensive customization options.

#7 – link in bio examples link in bio examples is a link in bio tool designed for Instagram and TikTok. Like Linktree, it lets you create a small landing page that can share multiple links from several sources. highlights include:

  • Unlimited links on your landing page
  • Customization options that include colors, fonts, and background images
  • Social media icons for linking to your other social pages
  • Messenger links so people can message you directly
  • Basic analytics so you know how many people visit your links may be a good option for people looking for a more simple and direct approach to a link in bio landing page. 

Why we like

  • Simple, straightforward link in bio solution.
  • 50 ready-design themes
  • Custom URL options
  • Generous free plan
Link in Bio sample landing page

Link in Bio sample landing page

Looking for a more complex link in bio program with a wide selection of tools and features? 

Link in Bio is a platform that lets you add links, music, video, shops, and email/SMS subscriptions to your landing page.

Some of its features include:

  • Automatically-generated link previews
  • One-click subscriptions
  • Unlimited links
  • Blue check verification
  • Branded pages
  • Insights allow you to track how many people click your links
  • Embedded YouTube videos

Link in Bio may be a good choice for users wanting multiple admins, dedicated support reps, and unique features such as link previews and instant verification.

Why we like Link in Bio:

  • Paid plans provide unique features such as instant verification and multiple admin users.
  • Pro plan offers collaboration tools and advanced insights.
  • Free plan allows you to get started with unlimited links and link previews.

The Linktree alternatives we’ve covered in this guide allow you to cater to any stage of your marketing funnel with customizable link menus for your social media audiences. Many of the services provide free trials or free versions, so you can give them a try to find out which one is best for you!

If you’re looking for specific features or the best fit for your favorite social media platform, the guide below will help.

Top Linktree alternatives by feature

Looking for specific features in a Linktree alternative? The lists below will help you find the best service for your needs.

Several of the above-mentioned services provide a generous free plans, including:

  • AWeber
  • Campsite
  • ContactInBio
  • Many
  • Link in Bio

Linktree alternatives with unique features

If you’re looking for a service with features that go above and beyond, consider:

  • AWeber: YouTube embeds, analytics, embedded email subscribe forms, built-in Canva designer, ecommerce features
  • Link in Bio: Blue check verification, auto-generated previews
  • Contact in Bio: Collect payments with Stripe & Paypal

Linktree alternatives with more customization options

If you’re searching for a Linktree alternative with more creative freedom, you might like:

  • AWeber; built in Canva Designer, fully customizable landing pages
  • Tap Bio; customizable cards let you create slider landing pages (think Instagram Stories layout)

Linktree alternatives with video embeds

Ever considered embedding videos in your link in bio landing pages? Some Linktree alternatives that let you embed videos include:

  • Link in Bio
  • Tap bio
  • AWeber

If you mostly use one social media platform, why not choose a link in bio tool that caters to it?

Linktree alternatives for Instagram

Instagram started the “Link in bio landing page” revolution. Its old policy of allowing only one link in your bio PLUS not allowing links in captions forced users to find a better solution. As a result, most link in bio tools work great with Instagram.

Any of the tools above make an excellent Linktree alternative for Instagram users. Our favorites are:

Linktree alternatives for TikTok

TikTok users looking for a small landing page should check out, which was designed with TikTok in mind.

Linktree alternatives for LinkedIn

Like Instagram, LinkedIn only allows one link per bio. Plus, its algorithm favors posts that do not include links. This makes it an ideal social channel for the right link in bio landing page.

However, LinkedIn users are a discriminating crowd. Building a landing page that fits LinkedIn’s professional aesthetic is critical to building trust with your followers.

To fit in on LinkedIn, look for a highly-customizable, yet simple, Linktree alternative such as:

  • AWeber allows you to design professional, branded landing pages, perfect for LinkedIn.
  • Contact In Bio provides a sleek, simple design that you can customize for a professional aesthetic.
  • Tap.Bio’s creative approach is a good fit for designers who understand the LinkedIn aesthetic.

Link in bio tools provide a clear path to boosting your marketing goals. Here are some tips for using your landing page to drive results for your objectives.

Boost your website traffic

To boost your web traffic from social media, use a link in bio landing page to highlight your most engaging web pages.

For example, you might link to content such as:

  • Highest-performing blog posts
  • How-to guides
  • Landing pages
  • Free ebooks or educational resources
  • Checklists, templates, and infographics

To optimize the results of your traffic, include a link option for every stage of the marketing funnel: Awareness, interest, and decision-stage content.

Drive conversions

To boost email conversions, feature an email subscribe form at the top of your landing page. 

For example, Dork Tales Storytime Podcast focuses on driving conversions by putting its email subscribe form at the top of the landing page. Below it, the page includes links to highly engaging content such as a listener survey and printables shop.

Link in bio example from Dorktales. Built using AWeber link in bio builder

Increase sales

Drive more sales from social media by featuring your best products and services on the link in bio landing page. 

Include compelling CTAs to encourage clicks. For an extra boost, add your best promotion, deal, or promo code at the top.

For example, HR Art focuses its attention on enrolling people in its classes and training. 

With selections such as “Book your first appointment,” “Join a virtual Qigong class,” and “Sign up for the in-person vision fest event,” the page acts as a catalyst for its #1 marketing objective: increasing sales.

Link in bio example from HRart Center

Increase traffic, conversions, AND sales

If your current marketing goals are a balance of objectives, include a balance of links that cater to your goals.

To increase traffic, conversions, AND sales with your landing page, consider including the following:

  • A link to your current promotion, product launch, or best-selling item
  • An email subscription sign-up form with a free offer (lead gen) incentive
  • A link to your best-performing blog article
  • A link to your customer testimonials or case studies
  • A link to your booking schedule

Send traffic to your primary social media channel

If you’ve already built a strong audience on one social media channel, then it makes sense to send users from other platforms to your main audience.

For example, if your strongest community is YouTube, embed your most compelling YouTube videos in your link in bio landing page. 

To find a link in bio tool that lets you embed videos, check the “Linktree alternatives with video embeds” section above.

To achieve the best results from your landing page, ensure that every link you share aligns with your marketing objectives.

For example, many landing pages encourage you to add social media icons to your landing page. But before you do, ask yourself “How will this achieve the results I’m pursuing?”  In most cases, including additional social media icons won’t increase your conversions or sales.

Your landing page is a hub that can send massive traffic to the places where it will do the most good. To ensure that it’s effective, remain focused on your marketing goals as you create it.

Keep your landing page productive by including (only links) that will lead to the results you’re looking for!


Linktree is a solid starting point as a bio link tool, but the best Linktree alternatives provide more enhanced features and tools to help you boost traffic, conversions, and sales.

Bio link tools are an excellent way to increase your social media ROI, but they’re only the beginning. Email marketing, product landing pages, and lead generation pages are critical tools for guiding visitors along their journey to becoming customers.

AWeber’s streamlined approach to marketing provides you with everything you need to nurture and convert leads from your social media channels. From email marketing to landing pages and link in bio pages, you can do it all from one platform.

No experience with landing pages or email marketing? No problem! Choose from hundreds of templates that let you create emails or landing pages in minutes. Sign up for a free AWeber account today and start building your link in bio landing page in minutes!

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