4 Email Templates for Your Fall Holiday Promotions

Creating a beautiful email for your holiday sales can be simple — use an expertly designed template.

This week we have 4 brand new templates — just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and Thanksgiving. Use one or all of them in your account today. See how easy it is to send out a quick email to your customers.

Thanksgiving email template

Thanksgiving email template with a colored leaf, some text, and a "click here" button.

If you have U.S.-based customers, they’ll probably appreciate a “Happy Thanksgiving” email. Americans have Thanksgiving off from work, but they don’t necessarily have plans all day. A short email saying hi will keep you top of mind if they decide to do some midday online shopping.

Use this amazingly simple template and say a few words about how thankful you are for your customers.

Do you have customers across the world? Send your Thanksgiving email to a segment of U.S.-based subscribers only. 

Black Friday email template

Black Friday sale email template with a purple overlay and including 75% off home goods and more deals.

Show off your course, products, services, or anything else you’re offering on sale this Black Friday with this easy-to-use template.

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to drive better click-through rates. Tell your customers clearly what’s on sale and how much of a discount they’re getting. Then, send them immediately to your ecommerce landing page or website.

Update this template with your Black Friday sale information and send it out quickly (so you can get back to fulfilling sales).

Small Business Saturday email template

Small Business Saturday template that says "Shop small" and offers a 10% off discount.

Calling all small business owners and side hustlers! You absolutely must send an email out on Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday).

In this email, you can remind people to buy their holiday presents from you and suggest popular gift ideas. You can also take the chance to thank your customers for supporting your business throughout the months and years.

Being a member of your community — whether it’s local or online — is valuable to customers. Use the Small Business Saturday template to create a beautiful email quickly, and connect with your audience on a day just for you.

Cyber Monday email template

Cyber Monday template with a headline, text, and a button that says "Get it before it's gone!".

Cyber Monday: Every ecommerce business’s dream. Most businesses sell online (if you don’t, try out the extremely easy to use AWeber Ecommerce). Online-only businesses can benefit the most from a Cyber Monday sale.

Keep it simple: Give your customers a certain % off everything you offer online and send them an email talking about it.

You can plug-and-play your discount into the Cyber Monday email template, which includes an engaging gif, a short headline and paragraph, and an eye-catching call to action button. Don’t overthink your Cyber Monday promotion: Make every sale you can by sending an email to your audience.

How to use AWeber email templates

To use any of these templates, sign into your AWeber account, create a message with the drag & drop email builder, click “Templates” (make sure you have “Keep My Message Content” at the top unselected). Look for these four templates under the “Holidays” section.

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