2023 free fall GIF guide

GIFs are more than just fun images to look at — they can drastically increase your marketing results, too.

That’s because eye-catching visuals always boost engagement, but when those visual move, engagement goes up even more. So whether you’re using animated gifs in social media posts, in blog posts, on thank you pages or in your emails, gifs can attract the attention you want and have a positive effect on revenue.

So adding GIFs to your upcoming fall newsletters or promotional emails is a smart move. It’s just that sometimes it takes a while to create a great GIF, or to find just the right GIF.

To create awesome GIFs, you can tinker around with GIF-making websites and apps (but that’ll eat up a lot of your time). Or you can hire a designer to make them for you in Photoshop (but that’ll cost you some hard-earned cash).

Thankfully, you don’t have to do either, because we already did the heavy lifting for you. Use these free fall GIFs wherever you want, however you want. Download your favorites from the free GIFs below, then add them to your emails, social media posts, or to your website to grab your readers’ attention.

Enjoy a cup of coffee on us

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall day.

Warm cup of coffee GIF

Labor Day GIF

Labor Day sale GIF
Labor Day GIF

Back to School Fall GIF

Back to school GIF with a bus
Back to school GIF
bus going back to school gif animation
back to school backpack animation
back to school soccer animation
back 2 school GIF

Fall Leaves GIF

falling leaf changes colors animation
falling leaves fall autumn gif animation
raking leaves fall animated gif
Fall leaves GIF
Football spiral GIF

Autumn GIFs

Hello Autumn GIF with blowing leaves
autumn wind and leaves illustrated gif animation
autumn harvest tractor animated gif
Leaves blowing off tree GIF
Leaf falling from tree GIF
Autumn red text GIF
Autumn white text GIF

Halloween GIF

Halloween GIF with "Boo"
evil jack-o-lantern animation gif halloween pumpkin
Happy Holiday Cauldron GIF
Jack-o-lantern GIF
jack o'lantern GIF
Halloween GIF

Happy Thanksgiving GIFs

happy thanksgiving turkey animated gif
another happy thanksgiving turkey animated gif
turkey pulling a cart thanksgiving animation
Walking turkey Happy Thanksgiving GIF
Thanksgiving GIF
Happy Thanksgiving GIF

How to Download Your Fall GIFs

Step 1: Find the fall GIF below that you want to use in your email.

Step 2: Save it to your computer by either right clicking the GIF and selecting “Save Image,” or by dragging the GIF to your desktop.

Step 3: Upload the GIF into your email template inside AWeber. Under image size, choose “original.” That’s it!

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