See how this artist makes sales with AWeber’s Shopify integration

Two simple automations let the artist BOMONSTER welcome his new subscribers and send abandoned cart emails — all while he’s working on his art.

BOMONSTER is an artist who creates art and apparel for hot rod, truck, and motorcycle fans using a unique scratchboard style to create his images with a sharp knife. A blackened board is scratched with a sharp Xacto blade revealing a white layer underneath. 

Connecting with his audience through email

At art shows, BOMONSTER’s customers kept asking if he had an email list to subscribe for updates on his work. 

He tried to do it on his own by sending PDFs from his personal email, but most of his messages went into spam folders. Plus, creating emails on his own was tedious and lacked professional design and branding — an important element for an artist. 

Found an email provider that integrated with Shopify

BOMONSTER’s main priority was finding an easy-to-use email marketing platform that would integrate with his Shopify website.

“I did a lot of research into email service providers when opening my Shopify site, and most were too expensive or offered analytics too advanced for my startup needs. I read some favorable reviews of AWeber that made it seem like it was easy to use.”

I love that AWeber works well with Shopify. Everything is seamless, from the pop-up forms that integrate with my lists, to product and blog links in my emails.” 

Go to BOMONSTER’s website and you’ll see his eye-catching pop-up form. He created it in less than 10 minutes in AWeber.

Sign up form on BOMONSTER's website

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How to set up a sign-up form in AWeber

To grow his email list using this awesome sign-up form, BOMONSTER followed these steps:

Step 1: Set up your sign-up form

1 – In the “Pages & Forms” drop-down menu, select “Sign-Up Forms.” Then click “Create a Sign-Up Form.”

Set up sign up form in AWeber

2 – In the drop-down menu choose whether you’ll be adding this sign-up form to your website or to a landing page.

Drop down menu for sign up form in AWeber


Step 2: Design your sign-up form

Step 3: Add your form to your website or landing page

1 – In the “Pages & Forms” drop-down menu, select “Sign-Up Forms.” Then click “Publish.”

Sign up form main page in AWeber's platform

2 – You can either install the HTML code on your website or use the form as a landing page.

To install the form on your website, copy and paste the Javascript Snippet or Raw HTML version anywhere between the <body> tags of your site.

Example of how to publish sign up form using HTML

Types of emails you can send with AWeber

Once you’ve set up your AWeber account, it’s time to start setting up your emails. Let’s take a look at two important emails everyone should be sending.

Welcome email

The first email BOMONSTER sends his new subscribers is the “welcome email.” This is the first email his subscribers receive after completing the sign-up form we showed you earlier. This email is filled with stuff his fans love. BOMONSTER set all this up in his AWeber account with a pre-designed template.

  • His welcome email opens by setting expectations about future emails.
Opening of BOMONSTER's welcome email
  • Then he explains a little about who he is and how he creates his art.
About BOMONSTER's art section of his welcome email
  • At the close of his email, he offers a discount off a future purchase.
Offer a discount off a future purchase in BOMONSTER's welcome email
  • And he showcases some of his cool art for sale.
Showing products for sale in BOMONSTER's welcome email

Abandoned cart emails

In a recent study, Shopify found that sending an abandoned cart email increases sales by more than 20%

Shopify’s integration with AWeber allows you to apply tags for each product your customers add to their shopping cart but don’t actually purchase. This lets you send them an abandoned cart email to remind them to complete the checkout.

How to set up an abandoned cart email in AWeber

Every AWeber account has a pre-built abandoned cart email series. Thanks to this pre-built campaign, it takes just a few minutes to start increasing your sales. BOMONSTER uses these in his business, too, and it’s helped bring in some extra income.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is.

Want to increase your sales like BOMONSTER?

Then get started for free with AWeber. You’ll have access to all the tools BOMONSTER used to increase his sales including forms, email marketing tools, and a pre-built abandoned cart email series.

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